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The school of life, from birth to death


A place ofnature and ofculture where polarities are united and reconciled through the strength of the collective. 

A domain cultivated inpermaculture, where horses in free stalls roam under fruit trees and whose production and projects are shared on themarkets

Abarn renovated housing abig room of 100m2 wooded with a bay window overlooking nature. 
This room will initially accommodate
internships, retreats, cultural and artistic events of all kinds. 

Secondly, it could accommodate aschool the week, where the day would meet about twenty children of all ages, for example children schooled at home whose parents would meet to offer a broader education by benefiting from the collective knowledge. 

In the evening there could beconferences  and on the weekend, as at the start, the courses would take place. 

The second floor of the barn would consist of 6 bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen to serve ascottage during the week and welcoming participants on weekends. 
A catering service set up by the woofers with food grown on site. 

To this space of the barn, would be added three other spaces on the estate and thelight habitats. 

The yurts, kerterres, hobbit houses, tepees, tiny houses, trailers could accommodate wwoofers who would come to help with the maintenance of the garden, the forest and the place as well as people wishing to live on the land. 
Dry toilets, solar showers with rainwater recovery system, bike-washing machine and any other interesting ecological alternative would be set up. 

These spaces could also offerrespite stays for vulnerable populations who could benefit from this supportive environment, such as young people in socio-professional rupture, migrants, or people with psychological disorders. 

A yurt could be rented as
office for therapists wishing to offer specific follow-ups. 

An equine therapist could rent the space for these horses and offerequi-therapy, particularly recommended for people on the autism spectrum. 

Abirth center can accommodate mothers wishing to offer themselves a peaceful and secure setting to experience this unique moment. Accompanied by midwives, doulas and nurses. 

Aretirement home which can contain 4 or 6 protected apartments would accommodate elderly people who can no longer live alone at home. 
The regular community activities, the garden, the horses, the conferences and the cycle of life which continues, would offer them an ideal space in which to savor their autumn. 



We are currently inquiring places in Suisse Romande for this dream to become a reality !

Contact us!

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