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Morgane Marty
FSP Psychologist

“Crises, upheavals and illness do not arise by chance. They serve as indicators to rectify a trajectory, explore new directions, experience another way of life.

Carl Gustave Jung

What to expect from your visit  ?

I propose to accompany you in the understanding and integration of the challenges life poses, whether for specific or general issues, by updating mechanisms and tendances, for a higher consciousness of yourself and others.

A one-hour session is charged 150.- CHF, if you are in financial difficulty, we can consider a special rate.
Some complementary insurances take charge of a part, it is to be discussed directly with them.

We can meet online, in Neuchâtel or in Lausanne

The treatments I offer

A holistic approach

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Initiation Journey

Meet the world, meet yourself


Tantra Workshops

Mindful growth

Tantra is an approach allowing to deepen in full consciousness its connection to Self, to others and to the world.  Through meditation, dance, conscious touch,  eye-gazing, massages, breathing, singing and everything in between...
Especially what happens in between!

Within these floating moments when the soul seems to recover some of its essence.

Psychological support

Verbal therapy

Trained in Analytical Psychology, according to the approach of Carl Gustave Jung, I propose, if you wish, in addition to an accompaniment around  everyday issues,  a work of dreams analysis and their symbolic significance.


Analytical work makes it possible to take the first steps on the long and fascinating path of Self-discovery.

It is also possible to take stock of your cognitive, psychic and affective state through standardized tests and questionnaires in connection with hypersensitivity, attachment patterns personality and so on.

Centre Re-co-n'essence

Let's build tomorrow's world

We are looking to acquire land in French-speaking Switzerland on which to build a multidisciplinary center.
Re-co-n essence:
- gratitude: to recognize and feel gratitude
- re: again
- co: collective/co-creation/together
- awareness
- co-birth: born together
- birth
- essence and its inverse: “n” the noumenon and the phenomenon / the self and the persona
In a practical way: looking for a barn to renovate on land with a view of the lake and the mountains, in Switzerland, with enough to set up a hobbit house, yurts, caravans, etc.
In an ideological way: a place to hold retreats, develop permaculture, with an emphasis on culture (theater, dance, arts), health (psy, tantra, yoga, fasts) and social (youth, disabled, intergenerational, migrants) and all the other possibilities we have yet to invent!
In case of proposals or desire for collaboration, please contact us!

We offer you live two weeks or a month on the road, between spiritual journey, retreat and community life. ​


July - August 2023: Indonesia


December 2023: South India

Contact me

Rue Fleury 12
2000 Neuchatel


Thank you for what you sent !

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