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About me

After a year and a half working with atypical, hypersensitive, high-potential profiles in collaboration with the firm Hi-Mind, I established myself as an independent psychologist in Neuchâtel, Lausanne and online.
I accompany adults, adolescents, couples and polycules.

Following a Bachelor's degree in philosophy, French literature and cultural psychology at the University of Neuchâtel, I chose to specialize in the helping relationship and began a master's degree in clinical psychology at the University of Fribourg.
My master thesis focused on extraordinary experiences: imminent death, out of body experiences, kundalini awakening, etc. and schizophrenia (you will find it at the bottom of this page), it opened me to a particular sensitivity to modified states of consciousness.
I have since offered support centered on the integration of psychedelic experiences.

I have been involved for many years in the defense of NGOs such as Amnesty International and UNICEF and have done many voluntary work abroad, notably in Nepal, Burkina Faso, Mongolia and Vietnam.

The search for meaning has always been central to me, which is why I trained for a year in psychotherapy according to the approach of Carl Gustave Jung, a pioneer in depth psychology.

I also trained in Non-Violent Communication, Somatic Experiencing and Tantra for a more conscious apprehension of the body, relationships and life.

I consider that every difficulty is an opportunity to discover yourself and expand your field of consciousness.


Post-graduate and university training


Jung Institute, Zurich

Child-adolescent and adult post-graduate training  according to the approach of Carl Gustave Jung

University of Fribourg

Title: Master of Science

Clinical and Health Psychology

Master Thesis: Investigation of the link between extraordinary experiences and schizophrenia

University of Neuchâtel

Title: Bachelor of Arts

Psychology and education,


French literature


Additional training



FARP - Introduction to WPPSI-IV: theory, transfer and interpretation, FARP, Carlos Iglesias, Lausanne.

- Introduction to emotion-focused therapy, FARP, Catalina Woldarsky Meneses & Lorena Gamboa, Lausanne.

- Ecopsychology workshop for psychotherapist, FARP, Patricia Wegman & Sarah Kohler, Lausanne.

- Introduction to positive psychology, FARP, Christian Follack, Lausanne.


Somatic Experiencing

-Somatic Experiencing, introduction, Zentrum für innere Ökologie, Dominique Desgranges, Lausanne.

- Somatic Experiencing, Beginning I/II, SOSI training, Lael Keen, Edinburgh.


Non-Violent Communication

- Non-violent communication and civil courage, Amnesty International, Jérémie Schaeli and Muriel Etienne, Sion.

- Systemic CNV with Vincent Delfosse, Lausanne.

- CNV module 2 with Christone Vincent, Triadou, Montpellier.



-International School of Temple Arts, Level 1 & 2, ISTA, Iceland,

- Tantra teacher training, Samma Karuna, Ikaria, Greece.

- Tantra, yoga, shamanism, Durgas Tiger school, Tuscany.
- Daniel Odier: Kaula Tantra, Lyon, Kali Tantra, Barcelona.

- The conscious body, Amman and Prem Lucia, Alsace

- Tantra initiation, a path to oneself, Michel and Martine Berger, Skydancing, Switzerland.

- Tantra and Rebirth, Tantra-rainbow, Chako and Nadia, Billaud, Ardèche.
- Courses led by Dileri, Sexopraxis: Inner couple-outer couple, the feminine and the masculine, women's retreat, I feel therefore I am, conscious touch, the 5 senses, the chakras, Tantra couple,  Switzerland.

- Bringing together the feminine and the masculine, Boris Cailloux & Hélène Gadoury, France

- Roots and wings, Chetan & the Tantra-are-en-ciel team, Ardèche

- Tantra festivals: Stockholm, Baltic, Switzerland, Angsbacka

- Upcoming: TEL, Love & Ecstasy Training, Skydancing, Montpellier

- Upcoming: Tantra teacher training, AUM, Marco & Amita, Mexico



- Trame, alchemical healing, level 1 and 2, Romuald Thomas, Bellemagny, Alsace.
- Ayurveda Therapy, IAYTS, Goa, India.


Professional experiences

Independent Psychologist,

Psychological support for adults and young adults in my private practice


Psychologist mandated by the firm Hi Mind,

Accompaniment of atypical, hypersensitive, high potential profiles

Psychological support, IQ tests and emotional and psychic profile

Lausanne, Neuchâtel, Fribourg, Geneva, Morat


Socio-educational worker ,

The figure of speech

Accompaniment of young people suffering from psychotic disorders or in socio-professional rupture 


Clinical Internship,

Neuchâtel Center for Psychiatry

Geriatric service: outpatient follow-up, hospital, day hospital, group facilitation, consultations with caregivers

Member of the committee,  Suicide, let's talk about it  

Animation of discussion groups on suicide in Neuchâtel


Human rights education

Amnesty International

Facilitation of workshops on women's rights, civil courage, freedom of expression, migration and human rights in secondary school classes
French-speaking Switzerland


Fundraising for NGOs  

Corris AG

Swissaid, UNICEF, Helvetas, Plan, Handicap International, Pro Juventute, WWF, Green Cross, Amnesty International
French-speaking Switzerland


Volunteer experiences


Burkina Faso:

Instructor of a volunteer camp and responsible for fundraising for a grain mill with Nouvelle Planète


Animation of a summer camp for underprivileged children


Teaching English, Terelj Natural Park


English course, Taschi Kwalung Monsatery, Kathmandu



Personal experiences


Work in equine ethology:

Family ranch following the Buck Brannaman approach, Ireland

Natural Horsemanship,  Westray Adventures, New Zealand

Caballgata in Patagonia, El Calafacte, Patagonia

El mundo del Caballo, “  Los List  ”, Cordoba, Argentina


Solo hitchhiking:

Crossing Europe, Argentina-Chile, New Zealand, Mongolia, Iceland


Himalayas  : Annapurna base camp, Annapurna circuit (Nepal), Markah Valely (Ladakh), Sikkim (India)

Patagonia  : Torres del paine, the W trek  

Alps: Muveran tour, Switzerland


Meditation  :
Vipassana, 10 Day Retreat, Dhamma Medini, Auckland, NZ
and Dhamma Arunachala, Tiruvanamalai, India


Exploration of the invisible with the grandmother, Kuri Wasi and Jean-Charles Aubert

Master Thesis:


Investigation of the link between extraordinary experiences and schizophrenia,

an interpretative phenomenological study.  

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